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    Department of Information Management Charter
    Article 1 The Charter is defined in accordance with Article 7 of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Kaohsiung City Government (KCG RDEC).
    Article 2 The Department of Information Management of the Kaohsiung City Government ("The Department") is to be headed by a Director reporting to the KCG RDEC. A Deputy Director is to be appointed to assist in the management of Department operations.
    Article 3

    The Department will contain the following sections each responsible for a particular set of activities:

    1. System Development Section: IT system planning, analysis, design, development, installation, promotion, maintenance, management, education and training.
    2. Web Services Section: KCG website services planning and promotion; email newsletter and spam management; e-learning planning, promotion and setup; review of IT budget.
    3. Infrastructure Section: management of KCG server rooms and related equipment; KCG website infrastructure construction; IT security management and response.
    Administration Section: Performance evaluation, documentation, archives, general administration, cashier, procurement, asset management, chops and other matters that fall outside the purview of other sections.
    Article 4 The Department will consist of secretaries, section chiefs, senior analysts, analysts, supervisors, specialists, assistants, assistant supervisors and clerks.
    Article 5 The Department will appoint accountants to manage budgetary, accounting and statistical matters in accordance with the law.
    Article 6 The Department will appoint human resources managers to manage human resources in accordance with the law.
    Article 7

    The number of positions and the civil service grades for each of the job titles specified in the Charter will be listed in a separate table.

    The title and civil service grade for each job title will conform to the list of roles.
    Article 8

    If the position of Director is vacant, the KCG RDEC will ask the KCG to send a temporary replacement until a successor is appointed.
    If the Director is on leave or unable to execute his or her duties, the order of proxies is as follows:
    1. Deputy Director
    2. Secretary

    In the event of the above, the KCG may appoint suitable personnel to act as a temporary replacement.
    Article 9

    The Department is to host monthly business meetings with the Director as the convener and chairman. Extraordinary meetings may also be held where necessary. The meetings is to be attended by the following:
    1. Director
    2. Deputy Director
    3. Secretary
    4. Section Chief
    5. Accountant
    6. Human Resources Manager

    The Director may invite or specify relevant personnel to participate to attend these meetings if necessary.
    Article 10 The Department's hierarchy and division of responsibilities is described by Table A and Table B. Table A is drawn up by the Department then submitted to the KCG RDEC for KCG approval; Table B is drawn up by the Department and submitted to the KCG RDEC for reference with a copy for the KCG
    Article 11 The Charter is effective as of December 25, 2010