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    The Information Center strives for promoting the development of intelligent city, establishing channels for public opinions, integrating website information, enriching digital platforms, and updating computer facilities and internet security equipments in order to improving the administration quality of all agencies and policy-making abilities, improve government performance, and increase the people's satisfaction on e-government services.

    ◆ Current working performance:

    1. Promoting open data and realizing the transparent administration
    2. Providing diverse services and marketing Kaohsiung digitally
    3. Optimizing E-mail transmission and improving management
    4. Constructing infrastructures and improve service efficiency
    5. Promoting wireless network and providing convenient services
    6. Integrating resources of the City Government and promoting intelligence city.

    ◆ Key policies in the future:

    1. Using "Open Data Platform" to display visualized administration performance.
    2. Integrating shared samples of websites to establish single account verification platform.
    3. Strengthening information security defense of the City Government in compliance with the information security decentralization policy of the Central Government.
    4. Continuing to cope with the iTaiwan wireless network project.
    5. Establishing "Intelligent City Administration Support Integration Platform".
    6. Striving for subsidies from Central Government to promote the development of all intelligent city applications.