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  • * Director
    * System Development Section
    affairs including overall planning, motivation, control and evaluation of the information on municipal administration; review of the implementation and applications of information projects; counsel and checking on the performance of computerized operations; formulation of the policy for the City's information industry; promotion of information education and trainings and information exchanges happen; planning on common information systems and platforms; analytic designs; development and maintenance; automation of the administrative managements; and municipal administration document warehouse and integration of relevant data.
    * Web Service Section
    affairs including the planning, development and more applications of municipal administration website services; the planning, development and promotion of convenient municipal administration services via application of the Internet; development of common geographic information system applications; overall application of information on municipal administration; and electronic and convenient governmental services.
    * Infrastructure Section
    affairs including the planning on development strategies for the application of municipal administration network, video phone and over-Internet telephony; the planning on development strategies for the management and application of the City’s wireless and other network infrastructures; management of computer facility rooms, equipment and the municipal administration network; and the maintenance of overall information security for the City Government.

    Administration Section
    documentations, archive, affairs, cashier, purchases, property management, research and evaluation, and other affairs not subject to the sectors.